DateTimeMeeting TitleVenueAgendaProjectMoM Document
14/12/202011:00 AMSh. Pardeep Kumar, Chief Engineer (Infrastructure-II Division), GMDA Mr. Vikas Malik, XEN, GMDAGMDA
15/12/20203:00 PMMr. Subhash Yadav
15/12/202011:00 AMDDPO Sir - JE BudheraDDPO Office
16/12/2020MCG Pond Review MeetingMCG Office
16/12/20203:30 PMIB School Proposal MeetingOnline
21/12/202010:00 AM - 12:00 PMExpert Session with Mr. Vikas Malik, XEN, GMDAGMDA's Conference Hall
21/12/20203:00 PM - 5:00 PMExpert Session with Sh. Subhash Yadav, Environment Advisor, GMDAGuruJal's Office
22/12/20203:30 PM - 5:30 PMExpert Session with Dr. Sultan Singh, Head, GIS Division, GMDAGMDA's Conference Hall
24/12/202011:30 AMPowerGrid MeetingUpdate on Daultabad and Dharampur Pond Sites Work Revision of MoU
24/12/20202:00 PMDistrict Information Officer (DIO)Regarding creating GuruJal's account on E-office
28/12/202012:30 PMADC Sir - Pond Review MeetingADC Office
28/12/20201:00 PMExpert Session with ADC SirADC Office
30/12/20204:00 PMMr. Avinash Mishra, Advisor Water Vertical, NITI AayogNITI Aayog
7/1/2021Meeting with JE MCF and Consultant from FaridabadGuruJal's OfficeRegarding Vetting of 11 DPRs and 5 New High Cost DPRs
7/1/2021Visit to all the Nurseries of MCG Area (4 Nurseries)
7/1/2021Meeting with Naveen Ji from GMDARegarding the App for 2021 Plantation Drive, Classification and NDVI calculation for Biodiversity Park area and mapping of all the nurseries in the district
8/1/2021Meeting with Jaspreet Ma'amMCG OfficeRegarding the update on the plantation drive of 2020 and to discuss about the further planning and execution of 2021 plantation drive
8/1/2021Field Team Capacity Building
11/1/2021Damdama and Kherla Nursery Site visit with Mr. Kaushik Bansal from The NestRegarding the funds for Nursery work (approx. 1 Lakhs)
19/01/2021Meeting with DC Sir
21/1/2021Team Meeting
22/1/2021MCG Ponds MeetingMCG Office
25/1/2021Meeting with PowerGrid and RITES and DC SirDC OfficeRegarding update on the work of the pond sites of PowerGrid and RITES
5/2/20213:00 PMMeeting with Add. Municipal Commissioner, MCGMCG OfficePond Status Review and Plantation Drive 2021
9/2/2021Meeting with Vishal Roy, DGM, PowerGrid regarding the selection of site
9/2/2021Training Session with Yassir Arafat Ji, Incharge of Neela Hauz Biodiversity Park (Assistant C.R. Babu)Neela Hauz Biodiversity Park
11/2/2021Meeting with Nitin Nath Singh from SayTrees Environmental OrganisationGuruJal's OfficeFunds and Collaboration for Ponds Restoration & Rejuvenation
18/2/202111:00 AMMeeting with Aarti Chopra - Principal Amity Internantional School, Sector 46IB School Diploma Programme and Support A Pond Work for Collaboration
18/2/2021Meeting with Divinne Touch regarding Damdama Lake Restoration
18/2/2021Meeting with GreenArmyDraft of the Programme to be send by 1st week of March 2021
19/2/2021Meeting at Daultabad regarding Community MobilisationDaultabad VillageRegarding the Community Mobilisation and Documentation on 23/02/2021
Meeting with Jai Singh Ji regarding D-Plan funds
22/2/2021Meeting with Jaspreet Ma'amMCG OfficeRegarding Ponds, Plantation Drive and RWH
24/2/2021Meeting with GMDA and MCG Officials for Flood Management PlanDC Office
25/2/2021Meeting with Ramavtar Ji from PowerGrid at Daultabad SiteDaultabad Village
25/2/2021Site Visit by Sachin and Aashish
25/2/20214:30 PMMeeting with Jaspreet Ma'am regarding Subhash Nagar
26/2/2021Meeting with CCF and DFO regarding approval for Nursery DevelopmentDC Office
26/2/2021Meeting with Jaspreet Ma'am - Pond review Meeting
27/2/202110:00 AMPlantation Drive at Budhera VillagePlantation
1/3/202111:30 AMMeeting with DTP (Planning & Enforcement)DTP Office, Sec-14
Meeting with Divinne Touch under the chairmanship of DC Sir
3/3/202111:30 AMMeeting with Pond Authority in PanchkulaPanchkula
3/3/2021Meeting with RITES regarding the billsRITES Office
5/3/202112:00 PMMeeting with SDM Sohna regarding Nature WalkGuruJal's Office
15/3/202112:00 PMMeeting with Pond Authority at DC Office
16/3/20219:30 AMGuruJal Team MeetingGuruJal's Office
16/3/202111:30 AMMeeting with Subhash Yadav, DFO tomorrow at 11:30 am regarding Damdama Biodiversity Park and Lake
16/3/20212:30 PMMeeting with Bhavesh Swami from The Climate Reality Project
16/3/20213:00 PMMeeting with CE, MCG regarding RWH
17/3/2021Meeting with DC Sir regarding RWH Drive
18/3/2021A Meeting was held with Amity International School - 46, Amity International School- Sector 43, Golden heights School and Suncity School for collaboration with GuruJal Society, District Administration Gurugram in IEC activities under Connect the Drops intervention.
19/3/2021Site visit with ADC Sir and RITES and PowerGrid
27/3/2021Daultabad Pond Site Visit by Sachin Sir
30/3/20214:00 PMMeeting with DC Sir and Divinne Touch for MoU of Damdama Lake
30/3/2021Kasan Site visit with CCF - Vasvi Tyagi Ma'amKasan
31/3/20211:00 PMTechnical Review Meeting with Pond Authority
31/3/202110:30 AMMeeting with XEN GMDA regarding reuse of treated water from IMT Manesar ETP for Kasan Biodiversity Park and need of water supply for Damdama and Kherla Biodiversity ParkGMDA Office
31/3/2021Bilaspur Community Mobilisation
1/4/202111:00 AMMeeting with Jaspreet Mam regarding MCG Ponds
5/4/20213:00 PMMeeting with CEO Zilla Parishad
7/4/202110:00 AMAdvisory Meeting
7/4/202111:45 AM - 1:30 PMWorkshop with Hero MotoCorp
7/4/2021Meeting at Vidhya School, DLF Phase-III regarding RWH - curremt RWH - functionality check - New RWH - Setup of Plant for the treatment of Kitchen Waste Water
8/4/2021Meeting with Jaspreet Ma'am
11/04/2021Team Training
11/5/202111:00 AM OnwardsRound Table Discussion on Catch The Rain - Water DigestOnline Conference
17/06/202101:00 PMGMDA Introductory meeting with GuruJalGMDA - HUDA Rest HouseAction Plan, IWMP, RWH Analysis and AWLR GuruJal's Introduction to CEO GMDAClick to view MoM
09/06/2021MCG Plantation Drive 2021MCG officeRegarding the Planning and Execution of Plantation Drive 2021
29/06/202112:00 pmBMC and PBRs data validationDC OfficeRegarding Validation/Verification of Data of PBRs by District Level Expert Committee
25/06/202112:00 pmUpdate on MCG Plantation Drive 2021 with Shri Surender Ji, HCS (Additional Commissioner)MCG office
25/06/202111:40 amCatch The Rain Campaign Meeting with all concerned departments - MCG, MCM, DTP, HSVPDC OfficeTo discuss regarding the work status under Catch The Rain Campaign and further action plan
30/06/202112:30 PMMeeting with Diageo regarding CSR under the chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner GurugramDC OfficeTo discuss regarding the works that can be undertaken through CSRCSR Funds
10/06/202104:00 PMDiageo with GuruJal 1st Funding Meeting Zoom CallFunding Meeting Click to view MoM
06/07/202111:20 AMDiscussion on new guidelines for Water Sampling IMT Manesar - HSIIDC ComplexDiscussion on the required signatures for the submission of performas for signature according to the order that was passed on the 22nd of June, 2021, all the samplings will be done with HPWWMA - nodal agency of Irrigation for Pond Authority would be signing off on performas - Samples would be submitted in collaboration - No samples or performas wouldn't be signed by HSPCB officials from now on. Pond Restoration & Rejuvenation